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Arabia Unified: A Portrait of Ibn Saud

This book deals with the unification of Saudi Arabia by the founder King Abdulaziz. And the author of this book who worked with King Abdul Aziz side by side for nine full years during which he accompanied him in all his travels and invasions. That period was full of great events. It saw the rise of the rising Muslim Brotherhood movement and its rebellion and its end, as well as the war with Yemen and the beginning of the story of the Arab oil.
The book was written by the author in English to clarify the Arab point of view of the Western reader about the modern history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The author recounts his personal memories and mixes his own views about the events of his time and the roles played by his heroes. According to the author, he directed his book in an interesting and attractive style. And the reader will find information and fun are not found in other books written on the subject.